Ewa Sieniawska

Creative Director + Photographer 

Based in Miami, FL

Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved taking photographs and capturing the important moments in life, whether it was family vacations, school parties or simply hanging out with my closest friends. It was and still remains for me a way to stop the hands of time, and just dream. We can’t control how fast time flies by, but we can certainly capture the perfect moments, and the people that are connected to our lives. Just one snap can create magical memories that easily take us back in to time.


At this moment of my career I am combining my two biggest passions in life ~ travel & fashion. I love exploring new countries and far away cities and towns. Wandering the maze of cobbled stone streets in Prague, Amsterdam, Berlin…, at 6 in the morning is intoxicating. These moments allow me to discover new places without the distractions of anyone around me. It’s more than just a walk with morning coffee, it’s like taking a photo with only your thoughts, imagination and the goals that occupy my mind. These cherished travels have inspired my fashion sense which is a significant part of my life and allow me to express myself and how I feel within. The combination of  3 things: Photography, Travel and Fashion have created the woman I am and the woman I'm inspired to become. 

    Master's in Marketing 

    University of Economics
    Krakow, Poland

    Fashion Institute Of Technology

    New York City

    Programs for Professionals


    Professional Experience

    12 years professional working experience in business, marketing, and IT


    Women I'm inspired by: Maya Angelou, Beyonce, Oprah, Jane Fonda, Lauren Bacall

    Life Motto: Dream Big & Listen to Yourself